Living a beautiful life

Tout simplement

Living a beautiful life

La vie est belle


Dimanche, Une Photo

Because life can get pretty hectic, sometimes it's nice to take the time to simply be and observe something beautiful....

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Green Loving Moments

You may have already guessed... I love green. Always have, and still really, really do. Especially a lush Emerald Green......

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Thank you for your interest in Green Loving Girl! Whether you have a question, comment, suggestion or perhaps you just...

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I recently got married to the fabulous Barry, and working as an events and wedding florist, I do love a good...

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my story

Welcome to Green Loving Girl. I’m Fiona.

I’m a French girl who has traveled a fair bit until I settled in Bristol, GB, a little while ago. A qualified lawyer who retrained as a florist, I aim to surround myself with beautiful souls and happy thoughts, and aim to share all of this with you! However I am human, and a mum of two, and sometimes life isn’t all rosie, rainbows and cakes. I try to be honest in my posts about this too.
I recently got married in France to my lovely Barry, and I was lucky to be given the chance to detail my wedding planning over on French Wedding Style. Working with weddings in my line of work, I do love wedding talks all round, especially the ones with lots of personal touches, but mostly, the ones with lots of laughter, smiles and happiness!

About this Blog

I have always been a creative person. As a child, I tried various types of crafts, from knitting, sewing, jewellery making, pottery, amongst others. Mostly, I have been far too impatient to excel in any of these but I enjoy them all the same.
Throughout my adult life, I have always wanted to find a creative project I could start and explore, to let my creativity flow. Having always enjoyed writing, as well as loving to read, I got excited about the idea of creating a blog to detail my take on life.
But more than that, blogging gives me a little escape pod when my sanity is reaching its limits through the challenges that parenthood presents. I have recently neglected Green Loving Girl, and i have been surprised to see how much I really miss blogging. So here we are, blogging and loving it!

latest from the blog

Green Loving Moment
Posted By Fiona J  Posted On 17-Apr-2016

Another week has gone, and so it is now time for another Green Loving Moment. Through the magic of Instagram, I discovered Hygge & West (you can find their gorgeous account here!) (more…)

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Am I a fraud?
Posted By Fiona J  Posted On 15-Apr-2016

Green Loving Girl // Imposter Syndrome // image from Pinterest

The human mind is a funny old thing. From a very young age, I would often ponder on some fairly…

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Green Loving Moment
Posted By Fiona J  Posted On 10-Apr-2016

Green Loving Moment - My Little Day

It’s Sunday, and so it can only be time for another Green Loving Moment! (more…)

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Australian Travels Mooloolaba
Posted By Fiona J  Posted On 07-Apr-2016

Green Loving Girl - Australian Travels Mooloolaba

So after the rather long (!!) flights from the UK, we arrived in Brisbane, where we hired a car and carried on to Mooloolaba, the start…

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Australian Travels
Posted By Fiona J  Posted On 29-Mar-2016

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Green Loving Girl - Australian Travels

So apparently, we are almost in April… when did that happen!? It has now been several months since we’ve been back from Australia. This trip was our honeymoon, but…

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